Pet hair can ruin the look of your vehicle, not to mention it is unbelievably hard to clean up! To avoid accumulations in the future, you should invest in removable seat covers. If pet hair has already built-up over time, then a heavy-duty vacuum or handheld vacuum with attachments will be key for removal. Regular vacuuming is one of the best solutions if you want an easy way to keep your car clean.

Using a lint brush is an excellent way to remove pet hair from your vehicle's upholstery before it builds up and becomes harder to get rid of. The bristles of the brush will loosen the hairs, making them much easier to remove. If you have leather seats in your vehicle, it's important to use a brush specifically made for leather. This will help protect the integrity of the material and prevent any damage from occurring. Fabric softeners can also be used to make it easier for the vacuum to lift and remove pet hair from carpets and fabric.

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