Our team at Lakewood Happy Motors is available to answer questions and give tips about detailing your vehicle year-round! When you are ready to detail your vehicle, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your vehicle always looks wonderful.

When detailing the interior of your vehicle, grab everything in your vehicle and separate it into piles for trash or things you want to keep. Take the things you want to keep into your house or put those things in a bin or box in the trunk. A toothbrush works great to get into the small areas around the dash and consoles of a vehicle. Then, wipe everything clean. Finally, you can use a steam cleaner and vacuum the seats and carpet.

When detailing the outside of your vehicle, sometimes it is much easier to rinse it first, then use soap and water to wash it. Finally, polish and wax the vehicle so that you can keep it looking great for a longer time.

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