The Ford Mustang is a loud model, thanks to the powerful V8 engine. This engine might get too loud for some people than for some people. To help reduce the sound level, the engineers at Ford created the Quiet Mode. The Quiet Mode turns down the sound level to a whisper, only 72 decibels. If your mood doesn’t allow you to drive a roaring car, you can keep it down with the Quiet Mode.

You can also go for the sweet spot Normal Mode, which raises the sound level only up to 76 decibels. You can drive your Ford Mustang on Normal Mode everywhere without being distracting, but still enjoying the revving power of a Mustang. For a high-level sound, choose the Sport or the Track Mode and get up to 86 decibels. Every mode offers good quality sound, which is makes the audio experience interesting wherever you drive your Mustang.


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