Our Advice for Safely Jump Starting Someone's Car

As a helpful Lakewood-area driver, you would probably assist a stranger who needed a jump start. At Lakewood Happy Motors, we have tips to help you do it safely.

Turn off your car, locate your cables, and ensure that both cars' handbrakes are engaged. Find your positive cable, which is usually red, and follow this sequence. Clamp your positive cable to the other driver's positive battery terminal. Turn to your battery to connect the other positive clamp to your positive terminal. Next, connect your negative terminal and negative cable. Finally, do not attach the last clamp to the other driver's battery. Instead, choose a piece of metal under their hood that lacks paint and cannot move.

You may now start your car. After a minute, the other driver may try their car. Revving your engine may assist the process. Several failed attempts indicate something besides a drained battery. The other driver's car may need repairs or a new battery.


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