The car you could once afford now drains your budget. Sadly, personal financial situations can be upending without warning, even less than a year after buying a car. Options exist for owners wondering how to deal with the situation. Refinancing and trade-in plans are conventional ones. Which one of the two options should a driver in Lakewood take?

A car that won't remain operational much longer isn't a good candidate for refinancing. Lenders might not want to deal with a vehicle that won't last another year or so. An aged car could be best used as a trade-in for a less-costly model.

If the vehicle is a well-maintained, newer vehicle that turns out to be a little too expensive, think about refinancing. Persons with excellent credit may become well-positioned to get a deal.

At Lakewood Happy Motors, we want to help car owners with refinancing offers. Speak with a representative at our office to discuss a new loan.


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