Actual footage of any car accident will always stand up better in court than spoken testimony. Recordings of driver activities can provide irrefutable evidence of either fault or innocence. Surprisingly, however, there's actually a very vast range of benefits of that motorists can enjoy by investing in dash cams. At Lakewood Happy Motors, we're committed to helping locals get the most from innovative and increasingly popular auto accessories such as these.

Capture Footage While You're Away From Your Vehicle

One of the greatest attributes of dash cams is their ability to continue recording even after drivers have already left their vehicles. This is protection you'll appreciate if you've ever returned to your parked car to find serious damages and absolutely no evidence of what caused them. Given that these units are battery operated, they can be set to capture footage in parking garages and other unattended areas.

A Dash Cam Can Protect You Against Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Sadly, there's a goodly number of people in the world who regularly file fraudulent insurance claims. Their scams can be as simple as falling down in front of motionless cars and feigning injury, and as wild as running up to slow-moving cars to purposefully get hit. With a camera, you can disprove unwarranted claims against you with ease. To learn more about dash cam technologies,  stop by Lakewood Happy Motors today.


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