All Season vs. Snow Tires: Which Do You Need?

At our Lakewood used car dealership we want you to be well informed on which tires to use on your vehicle. With winter weather in sight, is your vehicle equipped with the appropriate tires for the conditions? Not sure whether you need all-season or winter tires? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Mild Winter: All-Seasons. If you live in an area where the roads don't freeze and you only experience a slight hint of winter weather, then you are probably okay with just using all-season tires. Because all-season tires usually come stock on most vehicles, they wear well and last long for any driving condition.

Winter Conditions: Snow Tires. Because winter tires have a tread or even studs that grip to snowy and icy roads, it is necessary to use them on your vehicle if you live in areas that receive severe winter weather. Swap your tires out as needed, and make sure to choose a winter-ready vehicle at Lakewood Happy Motors.


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