An overheated engine not only causes aggravation from suffering a stalled vehicle, but you also run into safety risks when stranded on the road. And an overheated engine could be ruined, too. Drivers must take steps to care for their car's engine and the radiator or else suffer the consequences.

Coolant fluid inside the radiator keeps the temperature below the threshold for overheating. The fluid only remains effective for so long, though. Once the coolant passes the expiration date, it won't work effectively. Your car becomes at risk for overheating. Check your owner's manual for the suggested intervals for changing the coolant. Follow both the manual and any additional recommendations from your mechanic.

Beware of leaks, too. If coolant flows out due to punctures, corrosion, or other damage to the radiator, there won't be enough to regulate the temperature. If you see puddles below the radiator, get the vehicle checked out.

We don't want to see your car overheat. Set up an appointment with some trusted auto specialists to ensure you don't overheat.



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