Why Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

These tire tips brought to you by Lakewood Happy Motors will help you see the importance of getting summer tires as the warmer weather arrives.

When the heat of summer arrives, the road surface can reach alarming temperatures. All-season tires were not made to handle that excessive heat, but summer tires were. The summer tires will better grip the road and will help to improve handling at high speeds too.

In the summer, rain will fall most days and make the road surfaces extremely slick. The benefits of the summer tires on wet roads makes for safer driving too. The tread patterns on summer tires will help to move water from the middle of the tire off to the sides. Not only will more tread contact the road, you can avoid sliding or slipping too.

Take your car to a trusted service center to have your tires replaced or schedule a tire rotation to extend the life of those treads.

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