Importance of Understanding Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Many people have a tendency to believe that their exhaust system is solely designed to reduce noise. However, it is also responsible for decreasing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. By having a properly functioning muffler and exhaust system, your car will sound better and will also be better for the environment.

Understanding how your exhaust system works can be quite complex. Your exhaust system begins at the front of your vehicle. Exhaust gases are collected where the exhaust manifolds connect to the cylinder heads. The gases are first analyzed by oxygen sensors. Once they have been analyzed by these sensors, they are refined by the catalytic converter and muffled by the muffler.

It is important to have your vehicle serviced on a frequent basis to ensure that your vehicle does not experience any long term problems. Emissions and muffler repair experts can detect any problem you may have with your exhaust system.



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